Facebook for Pose

As a platform, Pose is an ideal tool for fashionistas to express their person style through Instagram-style photos of what they are wearing in real time. For those who want their looks shared with all of their friends, the Pose Facebook app is the ideal tool to connect these platforms and increase their social reach.

Alisa Gould-Simon, director of marketing and communications of Pose, told the editors of FMM that the app allows enables people from all over the world to visually communicate their personal style through what they’re wearing and the looks that they discover and love on the Pose platform, and bring it all to their timeline.

“Pose’s Timeline app enables people to discover and engage with new styles by allowing them to explore the details of looks from around the world,” says Gould-Simon. “With Pose’s outfit tagging system, photos are tagged with multiple category and brand details, allowing people to interact with dynamic content and increasing opportunities for brand discovery.”

Gould-Simon explains that sharing fashion and style is an inherently social activity. Pose was created so that people can connect with friends through what they’re wearing, as well as what’s inspiring them on a daily basis. “Our integration with Facebook timeline today takes this to the next level,” says Gould-Simon.

Pose will work closely with Facebook to ensure that the app brings valuable and engaging opportunities to the Pose community, according to Gould-Simon. “As we continue to evolve both Pose’s mobile and Facebook timeline apps, we will be working with brands to help them connect with consumers on a one-to-one level,” she says.

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