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Use of Twitter for Brand Promotion: Adelaide Fringe

@adelaide_fringe A hair style whic people in Adelaide sport??? Not quite… Adelaide Fringe is the country’s most awaited, colorful and entertaining festival which brings cultures, classes and masses together to enjoy one medium.. ART… A month long festival spread across February & March each year… is the largest art arts festival in the southern hemisphere. […]

Using Twitter for Brand Promotion: Battle of the Bush, AB DeVilliers

@ABdeVilliers17 The cricket follwers: No I am not going to talk about AB De Villiers beard nor his scoops over the keepers head or reverse sweeps… In this example however i will make a reference to a greater initiative this great sport celebrity is a part of to transform lives and took to twitter with […]

Using Twitter for Brand Promotion: SATIC

Readers My third example re Twitter Brand promotions is going to bring to light the efforts and creativity of an association/ industry body which otherwise might be termed as a strict, beureaucratic and just a stamping authority. I analysed the activities of South Australian Tourism Industry Council and their efforts in the social media. SATIC […]

Using Twitter for Brand Promotion: EventConnect

Dear Readers As in my last post, my examples are going to revolve around the travel & hospitality. Please pardon me for that however i can only express interesting facts about a brand if i have followed it with a passion… Next up in my list is a conference venue or functions website called […]

Using Twitter for Brand Promotion: is Australia & New Zealand’s number one Travel and accommodation website. People who are from travel industry will understand how diffucult it is to get into the space of big and large corporations such as Expedia, priceline and Orbitz as they have global presence. was opened¬†few years ago in a¬†Garage with 3 […]