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Social Media Online Training is for you if you love learning

Gone are the days when you will have to travel miles to reach your school. Gone are the days of the Rural Guru- Schools and soon gone will be the days of classroom environments. Because now the classroom comes to you, the Guru reaches out to you where you are. Blessed are we with the […]

Starbucks- Facebook for Brand Promotion Example 3(group 3)

Next example I would like to take is that of Starbucks , the coffee giant of the world. With 30 M fans , its ahead of several other brands when it comes to branding on Facebook. Right from photographs of customers, employees, cover pages, refreshing and creative photography, to sharing recipes, to community service- Starbucks […]

Threadless- Facebook for Brand a promotion example 2.( group 3)

thread less is a brand based in the US for Tees, Jackets, accessories, etc. where anyone can make a design and submit Most of the designs are by the normal citizen who play the role of apparel Designers for the company. The brand delivers online across the major countries in the world. it recently delivering […]

Hershey’s (group 3) Example -1 Facebook for Brand Promotions

Hershey’s Facebook page is very vibrant, lot of images not only of products but of members, images of dishes that fans have made and posted. This page has questions, images, product photos. A contest called ‘Camp Bondfire’, is organized and top members are acknowledged by their photos being posted on the wall, note- they are […]