Polyvore’s creative take on social discovery is ideal for the Facebook timeline.

Polyvore’s creative take on social discovery is ideal for the Facebook timeline. On Polyvore, fashionistas create sets of styles they love and love to see together. This collage is then shared with the community, and like-minded individuals express their appreciation for the work of digital art.

Jonathan Trevor, an engineering tech at Polyvore who was lead on the company’s Open Graph for Facebook, explains that sharing these creations is the focus of the company’s app.
“Polyvore users enjoy expressing their style by creating sets and discovering new trends and brands by following others,” says Trevor. “The Open Graph lets them easily share their creations and discoveries with their Facebook friends. We already let our users share some things with Facebook and the Open Graph enables us to extend what gets shared to more frequent actions, such as saving interesting products and items, or liking other sets.”
Morton explains that the app was created to help users share more of the things they are doing on Polyvore with their Facebook friends, and to make that sharing even easier.
“Many of our users already enjoy a single identity across both Polyvore and Facebook and are able to share both the styles they find, and well as create, on Polyvore,” says Morton. “This technology allows them (and us) to create a simpler experience for them, where more of the things they are doing on Polyvore can be integrated into their timeline and shared with their non-Polyvore friends, without adding any additional burden on them.”
Like the experts at Lyst, the team at Polyvore is taking a “wait and see” approach with the app—they want to see how users integrate the technology and get their feedback before adding actions and activities. Morton says that upcoming features will include more actions and activity on Polyvore into the timeline, such as following other users and commenting.

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