The Snooth wine tasting app was one of the first lifestyle apps invited to join the open graph by Facebook.

Rich Tomko, CEO of Snooth, talked to the editors of FMM about the way that Snooth has integrated the Facebook app into its website and social sharing. The Snooth app centers around the “Taste” button, which uses the Facebook Open Graph to make it much easier for a user to share the wines they tasted, reviewed or rated with existing social networks.

“The great part about using Facebook’s Open Graph is that, as a publisher, any time a user utilizes our Taste button, our brand is automatically displayed on that user’s Facebook page,” says Tomko. “The Taste button, because it’s also tied into Facebook timeline, also allows users the ability to pinpoint the exact time and place they had a particular wine, all with a click of a button.”
Tomko believes the app is essential for Snooth because of the way that people talk about wine. “Consumers often discover new wines via word of mouth, through a friend or colleague,” says Tomko. “The Taste button simply takes what naturally occurs in the offline world and brings it online with the added benefit of having that wine recommendation now seen by the user’s entire network.”

Snooth plans to expand their involvement with the Open Graph by integrating a Taste button from the group’s food website, What’, as well as spirits from

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