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DELL Case Study (using twitter for lead generation)

INTRODUCTION First adopters of social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and blogging understand that their success can be measured and based on audience engagement, recognition, and involvement. Yet, Social Media’s Achilles heel, in the eyes of corporate decision makers who still utilize Web 1.0 analytics and measurement for their marketing, sales, and promotion efforts, […]

Using twitter for lead generation and marketing ex.5 (sameer verma group 3)

Shoppers Stop Indian retail brand Shoppers Stop recently launched a Twitter hashtag contest with a “tweet store” microsite in India that generated more than 22,500 tweets for the store. Based entirely on chance, the contest was designed to engage consumers on Twitter with the opportunity to win a series of fun prizes in realtime. The […]

Using twitter for lead generation & marketing ex.4(sameer verma group 3)

Etsy The Tweet and Follow Buttons deliver big value for Etsy sellers   @Etsy noticed early on that a lot of shop owners using their service included their Twitter account information on their shop pages. The team also noticed their community tweeting links to Etsy content, using Twitter as a way to drive traffic back […]

Using twitter for lead generation & marketing ex.3 (sameer verma group 3)

Zappos Zappos uses Twitter to generate over 1,200 conversations per month with its customers Zappos realized early in its business model that Twitter would provide the most unique platform to communicate with its customer base of “Zapponians”. Their transparent stream of Tweets has helped build a loyal following of fans who love their service. Zappos […]

Using twitter to generate leads ex.2 (sameer verma group 3)

@DellOutlet Dell outlet has been one of the biggest success stories amongst big companies using social media. For those unaware, @DellOutlet is a Twitter account owned by Dell that tweets out major discounts for Dell computers and products. All of the deals on @DellOutlet are Twitter-exclusive. It has gained quite a following (15lac+ followers) and […]

Using twitter to generate leads(sameer verma group 3)

1.Company name-Best Buy Twitter Account-@bestbuy By using Twitter, Best Buy is able to tie all of their marketing pieces of the puzzle together, by posting blog updates, product releases, new promotions/offers, new store location, and more. Not only can Best Buy enthusiasts keep up with updates, but Best Buy is using Twitter as a […]