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Red Bull – The “killer” content king

  Company Background: Ever since its birth, Red Bull’s marketing strategies has been completely different from the lot.  Today, nearly 4.5 Billion cans of Red Bull are sold worldwide and their distinctive marketing strategy is one of the key factors that has led Red Bull to this place. When first launched in 1985, it was […]

The Evian Effect (Branding on You Tube : Ex # 5 Group # 1)

Evian is one of the leading French brand of mineral water having their markets in entire France and many of the European country. For many of us it may be a new name but as far as branding is concerned, these people are awesome.   Evian is considered to be a high-end mineral water brand. You […]

Thrill + Action + Excitement + Fear + Risk + Sports + Event + Drink = Red Bull (Branding on You Tube : Ex # 4 Group # 1)

  Ever since founded in 1985, by an Austrian Dietrich Mateschitz, Red Bull has been following a completely different marketing and branding strategies. Starting from word of mouth publicity, Event marketing, Sports marketing and point of purchase marketing, Red Bull has always surprised the consumers and the competitors with their approach. And, since beginning, Red […]

Yum Brands Inc. case – Rats in KFC / Taco Bell (Branding on You Tube : Ex # 3 Group # 1)

This incident happened during last week of Feb, 2007. Some locals shot a video at a KFC outlet in 331 6th Avenue in Greenwich Village, New York after the store was shut and the footage showed some big sized rats spread all across the outlet and the video hit Youtube and it spread like a […]

Coke’s Feel Good ad Goes Viral on Youtube ((Branding on You Tube : Ex # 2 Group # 1)

When we talk about branding and we don’t discuss about Coke, the content is not considered to be complete. Here, we’d talk about a campaign prepared by a production company Landia. If it’s just a television commercial we’re talking about then what’s so special about it? Well, this is just a week old commercial that […]

Satyamev Jayte – Star Plus (Branding on You Tube : Ex # 1 Group # 1)

Topic : Youtube for branding Branding on Youtube, focuses on one thing at the central. MANAGING THE CHANNEL. It depends upon, how good you can play around themes, color backgrounds and how user friendly you can make your channel. Youtube gives us some great options to leverage upon one’s core competencies, current rage and the […]