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Brand Promotion Via Facebook – World Confederation for Physical Therapy – WCPT (Example 3)

They are a non profit organization with the objective of creating high standards in physical therapy. This would include educating people, and creating high standards in physical therapy research as well as creating a certain quality of practice. The WCPT represent over 350,000 therapists through its 106 members organization. Like WHO, they have also taken […]

Brand Promotion Via Facebook – Apollo Hospitals (Example 2)

Created in 1983, Apollo Hospitals has not only managed to increase their market share but also create awareness, via social media, in particular, through Facebook. Through this portal, they have had the opportunity to to educate people about various illnesses, procedures and health issues. With various videos, they have given examples of patients giving personal […]

Brand Promotion Via Facebook – WHO (Example 1)

1. World Health Organization (WHO) Founded in 1948, the WHO is the United Nations agency for health worldwide. Their main objective has been in providing leadership on world health matters, setting norms and standards, and setting health trends. Using Facebook as a social media platform, WHO has been able to make sure that they use […]

Brand building using facebook – Free People (Clothing Retailer)

E-commerce companies across the world are trying hard to create  communities that would help promote it’s brand and provide regular business. Some have succeeded , some have failed. Each one tries to be different but eventaully end up with a similar strategy -integrate facebook, twitter etc, put up regular posts regarding new products, discounts, videos […]

Using Twitter to generate sales- The Creme Brulee Cart

Company Name: The Creme Brulee Cart. Area of operation: The Creme Brulee Cart is a food cart that started selling creme brulee in the Mission District of San Fransisco. The Challenge: The Creme Brulee cart was not licensed and therefore could not park it’s cart in any fixed location. The problem was of communicating with […]

Facebook Community of Daves Travel Corner

Daves travel corner is a community focusing on experiential travel; where the readers are actively interested in a wide range of travel topics. Dave began Dave’s Travel Corner in late 1996 as a result of of a life-changing trip to Nepal in which he trekked near Everest Base Camp. Daves travel corner effectively uses fb […]

A little of this, a little of that

This firm is the complete package. To be honest I actually envy them for that. They have technical know how, essential marketing skills AND they nailed the social media strategy. Since they forayed into the social media universe at the start of the 2009 recession, I guess you could say it’s a classic example of […]

Give the people what they want

Give the people what they want! Yes I am aware the line is usually used in reference to showbiz. But it’s extremely relevant in the context of social media too isn’t it? I believe the majority of social media success can be tracked back to the content. Consider the example of Beausoleil Architects – a […]


Clearly, there is no one size fits all approach to a social media campaign or strategy. I state it as a fact, with no room for debate. If you disagree, look at the myriad of case studies available online. While a multidimensional approach works for some, firms like BUILD have proved that stressing on one […]

What Amway did to increase sales and lead generation in Facebook?

HOW AMWAY TOOK FACEBOOK GLOBAL Challenge It seems only natural that Amway – built on networking during the last 50 years – should welcome the social media age with great enthusiasm. But turning a juggernaut of its scale into an efficiently run social media enterprise had its global team dealing with a number of obstacles. […]