How to surrender?

#ShriPrashant #Advait #surrender

Acharya Prashant

Question : Due to my conditioning and fear, mind tries to perceive some ‘thing’ to surrender to. This stops me from actually surrendering. With this conflict, how to understand if there is any movement towards the center, or is it all at the periphery?

Speaker : The inner and the outer are not separate. The inner doctor himself is the medicine. Inside, he sits as the doctor that knows everything, the doctor, that is fully conversant with all your illness, and outside he exists as medicines, pills that you can just take in. The external medicine could not have been there without the inner doctor.

I repeat, the medicine is not prescribed by the doctor, in some sense the medicine is the doctor himself. There is no other way the doctor can help you. You perceive yourself to be the body. Right? And that is why you have the illness…

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