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Brand building using facebook – Free People (Clothing Retailer)

E-commerce companies across the world are trying hard to create  communities that would help promote it’s brand and provide regular business. Some have succeeded , some have failed. Each one tries to be different but eventaully end up with a similar strategy -integrate facebook, twitter etc, put up regular posts regarding new products, discounts, videos […]

Facebook`s future in the coming mobile generation.

It goes without saying that Facebook is the darling of this era’s technology boom. However, as many have repeated over the last month since its IPO, the company is now turning to face some major obstacles. Facebook can potentially hit three billion users by 2014 – and they can work with to boost their mobile […]

Threadless- Facebook for Brand a promotion example 2.( group 3)

thread less is a brand based in the US for Tees, Jackets, accessories, etc. where anyone can make a design and submit Most of the designs are by the normal citizen who play the role of apparel Designers for the company. The brand delivers online across the major countries in the world. it recently delivering […]

Group 3:E.g. 1: Shopper-stop engaging customer via twitter:ShivamChoubey

Retail brand that thrives on its tagline ‘Start Something New’ announced on June 12th the #sstweetstore contest on Twitter, which caused a traffic jam on its specially created micro site. Contest was to tweet with #sstweetstore and every 800th tweet wins the displayed prize – e.g. Flying machine headphones, gift voucher worth Rs.1000 for the […]

TACO BELL – Online Reputation Management

Please watch the following video for the effect bad publicity can have on your brand when you don`t do damage control and monitor your online reputation properly… Taco Bell went through the ordeal when it`s brand got 15 minutes of fame on YouTube, but for the wrong reason. Just minutes after the above  video was […]

HONDA – Online Reputation Management

Honda Product Manager gets caught AstroTurfing (ASTROTURFING : The use of paid shills to create the impression of a popular movement, through means like letters to newspapers from soi-disant ‘concerned citizens’, paid opinion pieces, and the formation of grass-roots lobbying groups that are actually funded by a PR group (AstroTurf is fake grass; hence the […]

Pepsi I-phone app “before you score” – Online Reputation Management

Date : 22nd October 2009  (http://mashable.com/2009/10/22/pepsi-amp-before-you-score/) The energy drink AMP and its parent company PepsiCo came under fire for launching an iPhone application called “Before You Score.” The premise was essentially to help AMP’s target audience – adolescent and young men – “score” with members of the opposite sex, and then share their exploits on […]

Pampers – Online reputation Management

Greeting my fellow course mates… My given topic for assignment is  ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT. It is defined as  “Online reputation management (ORM) is the act of monitoring search engine result pages or mentions in online media and Web sphere content.” ORM primarily involves tracking what is written about a client on the Internet, then utilizing […]