Monthly Archives: July 2012

Red Bull – The “killer” content king

  Company Background: Ever since its birth, Red Bull’s marketing strategies has been completely different from the lot.  Today, nearly 4.5 Billion cans of Red Bull are sold worldwide and their distinctive marketing strategy is one of the key factors that has led Red Bull to this place. When first launched in 1985, it was […]

DELL Case Study (using twitter for lead generation)

INTRODUCTION First adopters of social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and blogging understand that their success can be measured and based on audience engagement, recognition, and involvement. Yet, Social Media’s Achilles heel, in the eyes of corporate decision makers who still utilize Web 1.0 analytics and measurement for their marketing, sales, and promotion efforts, […]

The Dell Hell Case study – How to turn negative into positive?

Synopsis: On June 21, 2005, a “citizen journalist” by the name of Jeff Jarvis posted a single negative blog-post about his experience with one of the top computer and technology companies in the world- Dell Inc.  His rant was lengthy, and unforgivable, with sentences like, “DELL SUCKS. DELL LIES. Put that in your Google and […]

Social Media Online Training is for you if you love learning

Gone are the days when you will have to travel miles to reach your school. Gone are the days of the Rural Guru- Schools and soon gone will be the days of classroom environments. Because now the classroom comes to you, the Guru reaches out to you where you are. Blessed are we with the […]

Facebook`s future in the coming mobile generation.

It goes without saying that Facebook is the darling of this era’s technology boom. However, as many have repeated over the last month since its IPO, the company is now turning to face some major obstacles. Facebook can potentially hit three billion users by 2014 – and they can work with to boost their mobile […]