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9 Promotions Building Facebook Fans for Financial Institutions

Most financial institutions struggle to accrue a significant Facebook fan base. But there is one way that nearly every bank or credit union can build the number of Facebook likes they get: giveaways. Sweepstakes and other similar raffle-style contests have proven one of the most consistently effective ways financial firms on Facebook have achieved sizeable […]

Virtual Branch for Customers on Facebook

ASB Bank created its first Facebook presence in late August 2010. Shortly thereafter, the New Zealand bank rolled out an application that allows users to engage in two-way, real-time conversations with service specialists. ASB says its app is the financial industry’s first ‘Virtual Branch’ on Facebook.  How It Works ASB has its Virtual Branch set as the bank’s Facebook homepage, […]

Starbucks- Facebook for Brand Promotion Example 3(group 3)

Next example I would like to take is that of Starbucks , the coffee giant of the world. With 30 M fans , its ahead of several other brands when it comes to branding on Facebook. Right from photographs of customers, employees, cover pages, refreshing and creative photography, to sharing recipes, to community service- Starbucks […]


SENSATION TITLE:  Nestle’s Social Media Meltdown CAUSE: Nestle was supporting deforestation and causing the extinction of Orangutan monkeys over their policies of buying palm oil. Greenpeace and like-minded people created a video which likened eating a Kit Kat bar to killing an Orangutan. That video was placed on YouTube. Video created by Green peace against Nestle EFFECT: Due to violation […]


JohnSon & JohnSon – Sustainability Johnson & Johnson understands the power of engaged employees; its goal is to be in the 90th percentile for engaged employees against external norms as part of its Healthy Future 2015 goals. To achieve this goal, Johnson & Johnson reaches out  o employees with a number of internal and external […]

G1: TWITTER FOR HR | EG#4 | Employee engagement and performance management

ACI Specialty Benefits in San Diego Gilbert Manzano, chief administrative officer and head of HR  The benefits to HR of social media reach beyond recruitment. The possibilities are virtually endless and limited only by HR leaders’ resourcefulness. For example, Gilbert Manzano, chief administrative officer and head of HR for ACI Specialty Benefits in San Diego, […]

G1: Twitter for HR | Eg#3 | Employee Engagement

Virgin Media Abi Signorelli, Director of Internal Communications, Virgin Media Communication and entertainment indistry More than 100 offices in the UK Twitter has enabled connections that wouldn’t have happened before. It has opened doors for people needing answers and support on a whole variety of topics – from IT support, to finding solutions to customer problems, […]

G1: Twitter for HR | Eg#2 | Recruitment

True story:  How one recruiter hired 27 “Specialist” IT staff via twitter #SocialRecruiting Ivan Stojanovic of Irish recruiting firm C.P.L. The headline of the story was how he had recruited 27 specialist I.T. staff via twitter, in a span of 12 months! Started off tentativley, but today after 2 years twitter is part of their recruitment strategy. Challenge: […]

G1: Twitter for HR | Eg#1 | Recruitment

Forrester (@ForresterJobs). 2871 followers. Misty Sutton, Forrester’s Manager of Global Sales Recruiting.   Started off tentativley, but today after 2 years twitter is part of their recruitment strategy. “Culture is hard to convey with a job posting, but social makes it possible”. Social Media Co-ordinator role developed in the beginning of 2011. Weekly social team […]

G1: Twitter for HR

All the well known employers are using twitter as a recruitment tool, among other SM tools. Caveat: Refer to the country specific rules applicable to discrimination before making a hiring decision based on personal info available on SM. Tips for using Twitter as a recruitment tool: Fortune 500 companies using Twitter for recuitment: