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The Dell Hell Case study – How to turn negative into positive?

Synopsis: On June 21, 2005, a “citizen journalist” by the name of Jeff Jarvis posted a single negative blog-post about his experience with one of the top computer and technology companies in the world- Dell Inc.  His rant was lengthy, and unforgivable, with sentences like, “DELL SUCKS. DELL LIES. Put that in your Google and […]

Starbucks- Facebook for Brand Promotion Example 3(group 3)

Next example I would like to take is that of Starbucks , the coffee giant of the world. With 30 M fans , its ahead of several other brands when it comes to branding on Facebook. Right from photographs of customers, employees, cover pages, refreshing and creative photography, to sharing recipes, to community service- Starbucks […]

Threadless- Facebook for Brand a promotion example 2.( group 3)

thread less is a brand based in the US for Tees, Jackets, accessories, etc. where anyone can make a design and submit Most of the designs are by the normal citizen who play the role of apparel Designers for the company. The brand delivers online across the major countries in the world. it recently delivering […]

Generating Refferal Traffic using Pinterest : Scholastic

When you think of a book publisher on Pinterest, you’d probably expect to see a lot of pinboards that include images of book covers published by that publisher. You’ll find that kind of content on Scholastic pinboards — as well as a lot more. Sure there are pinboards for the Scholastic offices and pinboards for Scholastic Book […]

Pinterest generating refferal traffic : Whole Foods

Currently, a list of brands using Pinterest brilliantly wouldn’t be complete without Whole Foods. This is a brand that’s very active in social media. So what is Whole Foods doing on Pinterest? It’s publishing diverse content to promote and reinforce its brand promise. Whole Foods has pinboards related to food, recycling, green living, holidays, cool kitchens, […]

Using Pinterest for generating refferal traffic :Birchbox

Birchbox Birchbox is a beauty subscription service brand that pins and repins a variety of beauty-related content on Pinterest. Birchbox pinboards offer seasonal content and content by product-type, as you’d expect from a beauty brand. It’s a great mix of audience segmented content, cross-promotion, and direct and indirect marketing. Where Birchbox stands out as a brand […]

Micheal Stores generating refferal traffic using Pinterest

For those of you who spend time on Pinterest pinning your favorite book, recipe, or funky outfit, have you considered how Pinterest can benefit your business? Pinterest users (or “pinners”) create virtual bulletin boards and “pin” images from the web to them. According to a study by Shareaholic, Pinterest drives more referral traffic than YouTube, Reddit, […]

Using Pinterest for generating refferal traffic : Newspapers

Pinterest is the latest channel media outlets and journalists are exploring. For those of you unfamiliar with Pinterest, it is a ‘virtual pinboard’ that allows you to organize and share visual content either found on the Web or uploaded from your computer or mobile device. Think inspiration, mood boards – but online – that can be […]

THUNDERHEAD – Recruiting Employees Using LinkedIn

Company Name           : Thunderhead About the Company  : It is a technology company which supplies communication services on all channels and helps its clients communicate more effectively and in a personalized way with their customers. Issue                                : Thunderhead spent £500,000 for a year on recruiting fees for external recruitment agencies and still they struggled to fill technical […]

DAVID MOYE – Recruiting Employees Using LinkedIn

Individual Name              : David Moye About Him                     : He is creative with diverse background and having more than 20 years of experience in journalism Issue                             : During the recession he lost his job Objective                       : He wanted to switch careers and move into public relations Tools Used                    : He created a profile […]