The mark of a good word is that it takes you to silence

Acharya Prashant

Question: When I talk about it, it is easy and understandable. But when the real moment comes, every part of the body feels fear. Is talking anymore important for me now? Do I need to be just there and not deviate when the moment comes?

Speaker: What is this thing about ‘talking’?

Listener 1: It strengthens the ego.

Speaker: It’s not the talking or silence that matters. It’s not at all these two actions that matter.

Where are the words coming from?

Listener 1: Outside.

Speaker: Not necessarily. Even writing this question is kind of a talk. Is it not? Even this is talk; just to write it down. There is a talking that just announces yourself to the world, and it is a tool against existence. It’s your weaponry, it’s your ammunition.

When you talk, you are shooting yourself upon the world, you are imposing yourself upon the world…

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