Ego will not understand this world, but will demand a Reality beyond

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Acharya Prashant

Question: Taittriya Upanishad says, “Mind creates everything as ‘happening’.” If all happening is mind, then what is ‘real happening’? Is there any difference between ‘real happening’ and ‘mental happening’? Is the ‘real happening’ just a concept of mind?

Speaker: Few basics have to be understood. And they can be understood very well through the mind. Whenever you say ‘happening’, never forget time and space. Whenever you say ‘happening’, what do you mean? You mean- something is changing.

‘Happening’ means change. Whenever you say ‘happening’, you mean a change that is happening somewhere. There can be no doubt that these two- space and time- are mental constructs. So obviously all ‘happening’ is here. In the real, there can be no happening. There is no ‘real happening’. Nothing ever happens there, and you cannot even imagine.

Try to imagine anything which is out of space and out of time. So, there is…

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