Brand Promotion Via Facebook – World Confederation for Physical Therapy – WCPT (Example 3)

They are a non profit organization with the objective of creating high standards in physical therapy. This would include educating people, and creating high standards in physical therapy research as well as creating a certain quality of practice. The WCPT represent over 350,000 therapists through its 106 members organization. Like WHO, they have also taken a certain interest to promote themselves via Facebook. Through this platform, they have taken a further step in creating particular awareness, increase their exposure to optimal level, and create opportunities. Through the posts and comments, people have got a better understanding, and have the ability to have a direct interaction with the people working at WCPT. As well, other forms of marketing channels have a focus on certain age groups, but through Facebook, it allows them to target all ages, and create a fun environment for people to become knowledgeable.

One comment

  1. I am not able to understand, what success they have created on Facebook?

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