Brand Promotion Via Facebook – WHO (Example 1)

1. World Health Organization (WHO)
Founded in 1948, the WHO is the United Nations agency for health worldwide. Their main objective has been in providing leadership on world health matters, setting norms and standards, and setting health trends. Using Facebook as a social media platform, WHO has been able to make sure that they use any means to create awareness with regards to health matters. Through their Facebook page, WHO has attracted various people, and helping them learn ways to protect them from various illnesses, and make them aware of the new diseases. Having looked at the comments and discussions, people have taken a keen interest in knowing about health matters, and this is only increasing. Many people have heard of WHO, but through Facebook, they are getting a direct and interactive way of learning about what WHO is all about. As well as educating people, it’s been an important way for WHO to create a certain brand awareness.


  1. Share the details of FB links and the source of your information. It is very difficult to assess their success otherwise.

  2. You had mentioned to do the examples based on the field that we have chosen. Since mine was healthcare, I chose it as the topic. After a lot of research, no where did it mention any facebook compaign done by these companies. Whatever information I could find, was through their facebook page.

  3. Thanks for sharing further details. I think their page is really engaging. It’s good. Here is another example of a good FB page in the similar domain:

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