Brand Promotion Via Facebook – Apollo Hospitals (Example 2)

Created in 1983, Apollo Hospitals has not only managed to increase their market share but also create awareness, via social media, in particular, through Facebook. Through this portal, they have had the opportunity to to educate people about various illnesses, procedures and health issues. With various videos, they have given examples of patients giving personal testaments about their experiences. As well, the number of people who have been commenting, sharing their thoughts, as increased over time. Apollo has also managed to keep discussions interactive, by having one on one Q/A’s. They have managed to reach people of all ages, especially the youngsters through Facebook in a successful manner. They have managed to create 54 hospitals across the globe and one of the largest in Asia. Facebook has been a very pivotal platform with regards to their success as it has allowed them to keep up with today’s society.

One comment

  1. Are their any objective evidence that facebook has helped them. What is the source of your conclusion?

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