Brand building using facebook – Free People (Clothing Retailer)

E-commerce companies across the world are trying hard to create  communities that would help promote it’s brand and provide regular business. Some have succeeded , some have failed. Each one tries to be different but eventaully end up with a similar strategy -integrate facebook, twitter etc, put up regular posts regarding new products, discounts, videos etc.

What most of them fail to understand is that in order to form a community around your brand, it’s very important for the members of the community to feel as if they own the community. Rather then putting up posts from your end, it should be the members of the community who should drive it.

user collections

Company Name: Free People.

Area of operation: Free People is a clothing retailer started in 1970 in Philadelphia.

Challenge: To create brand awareness using social media.

What the company did: The company designed it’s website with the objective of encouraging the customers to own and promote the brand.Free People allowed customers to create their own clothing collections to share on popular social networking websites including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

Starting from the company’s main shopping page, consumers were provided with tools  to  hand-select items and form their own “look book” style collections.These could then be be shared on Free People webiste  and other social networking sites. Since these “look book” were personally selected by the customers, they were liked and commented upon by their friends. This helped in speading information about the products very fast.

Result: This helped to create a sense of ownership among visitors and proved to be a great way of increasing brand loyalty and social promotion. The company has 7,82,752 likes on its page.

Vikash Khandelwal

One comment

  1. A very good example of leveraging Social Media. Even though, there engagement level on facebook is very less, but they have done good work Pinterest & YouTube.

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