Facebook Community of Daves Travel Corner

Daves travel corner is a community focusing on experiential travel; where the readers are actively interested in a wide range of travel topics. Dave began Dave’s Travel Corner in late 1996 as a result of of a life-changing trip to Nepal in which he trekked near Everest Base Camp.

Daves travel corner effectively uses fb for promotions by way of having created a community with interesting posts, pictures, engaging with friends, diverting links to the site davestravelcorner.com.

A good level of engagement with other travel pages, bloggers. Generates content thro his contributors and uses fb as an effective engagement tool. Community created in Feb 2011, has 875 subscribers and 2250+ friends.

Though the FB community generates core content from select contributors, they could have attempted a better user engagement.

Effective use of Facebook usage for Content Development Score : 3/5 Stars



One comment

  1. I think they have really good quality content. There must have really figured out what it takes to generate content from community. But their facebook strategy is bad. First of all they should not use personal profile but page. Secondly, they haven’t integrated it well with their website as well. I do nothing they have sufficient engagement on their page as well. The kind of content they have aggregated, they should have got better engagement.

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