Give the people what they want

Give the people what they want!

Yes I am aware the line is usually used in reference to showbiz.

But it’s extremely relevant in the context of social media too isn’t it? I believe the majority of social media success can be tracked back to the content.

Consider the example of Beausoleil Architects – a San Francisco based architecture firm who uploaded a video on Youtube that went viral with over 2.76 million views till date.

They called it Architectural Magic . The 28 second video clip features an apartment building in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco that has recently been remodeled to include four car parking spaces while maintaining the historical Victorian facade.

It’s not a beautifully shot video, but it does have the undeniable ‘surprise’ factor – A component that prompts people to have another look and share it with someone else. And when I say give the people what they want, I’m not referring merely to the entertainment aspect to content.

For instance, in this particular video the relevance of San Francisco plays a significant role. The residents of cities such as San Francisco know the everyday difficulty in finding a decent parking spot. To them the thought of a hidden parking garage is like spotting a mirage in the desert!

Whatever the reason behind the success of the video, the virality resulted in huge traffic being driven to the company webs website.

The firm also tried to recreate the magic but weren’t as successful maybe because viewers felt it was like unexciting watching sequels. They can relive their 15 minutes of fame with fresh and exciting content.

One comment

  1. Good example! I think my key take away is that replicating success is not as simple as replicating content. They need to be innovative every single time.

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