Clearly, there is no one size fits all approach to a social media campaign or strategy. I state it as a fact, with no room for debate. If you disagree, look at the myriad of case studies available online. While a multidimensional approach works for some, firms like BUILD have proved that stressing on one aspect of social made a world of difference to their business.

Andrew van Leeuwan, the co-owner of architecture firm BUILD decided to cash in on his writing prowess by narrowing their approach to social media marketing.  And so was born the BUILDblog . The company estimates about 50% of its business can be traced back to their blog. Ofcourse, they still do have a facebook page, twitter account and pinterest account. But their primary focus is on their immensely successful blog. Infact the architect claims to spend 25% of his time everyday on his blog.

5 years and and about 550 posts later, BUILDblog recently released its mission statement.

  • Making architecture accessible to the public
  • Creating a culture of communication and sharing in architecture
  • Advancing possibility
  • Fostering sensibility
  • Having fun

Simple and NOT greedy.

While they do talk about what their firm on the blog, they talk just as much (or even more) about design in general. This approach is bound to build trust among readers. With no pressure to know about BUILD the reader is more accepting of information, even if it sometimes is about the company. More importantly, they are establishing themselves as thought leaders in the industry.

Its almost as if the blog humanises the firm. It has information, opinions, character..And understandably people enjoy spending time with the blog.

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  1. Good Example of success created out of blog

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