A little of this, a little of that

This firm is the complete package. To be honest I actually envy them for that. They have technical know how, essential marketing skills AND they nailed the social media strategy. Since they forayed into the social media universe at the start of the 2009 recession, I guess you could say it’s a classic example of necessity being the mother of invention. Or maybe they are just plain smart.

HPD architecture is a 3 person Dallas based firm that was apprehensive of being left behind in the looming recession. With tough times ahead of them, it was crucial to make their presence felt. Like all newbs, they took to social media with skepticism. Being a start up, their initial goal was to create brand awareness.  At the outset, the trio was systematic enough to figure out the brand positioning strategy. They seem to have understood that sharing information was fun and highly rewarding in more ways than one.

Their strategy involves a mix of various social media, all of which lead you to their official website. A visit to their facebook page indicates that they are using the forum for more than tooting their own horn. HPD architects seems to be more keen on establishing themselves as authorities in their field. The architects post links to upcoming events as well as interesting, relevant articles.  They seem to have also successfully blended the content of various social media platforms. Some posts were tweets cheering for the success of a peer.  Other posts on firm’s Facebook timeline took me to their highly successful “Dallas Architecture” blog and podcast series “The Architect Happy Hour“. The Happy hour is a once a month free audio podcast on itunes, where they’ve talked about everything from ‘Five things to know before hiring an architect‘ to something as oddly attention grabbing as ‘Gays and Architecture‘.  Interestingly, I observed that neither their Facebook page nor their blog or podcasts had much direct information about their portfolio or current projects.

Ofcourse, they did post interviews of themselves that appeared in publications and blogs on facebook. I guess over 400 likes means there is more good than bad to that strategy. I suppose  being highly informative makes them look like the “good guys” who aren’t shoving their services and prowess down your throat.  As a PR professional, I know it builds trust.  But I still think that they might benefit more if they also boast a little about their work. If I was in the market for an architect,  maybe a few images of HPD’s work would convince me to visit their website.

Seeing them use all of these platforms makes me wonder if they spared any. I checked, ofcourse they have a Linkedin page!

In a blogger interview the trio claimed they collectively spend about an hour everyday on social media update. That doesn’t sound like too much. They are convinced their digital media strategy has driven plenty of traffic to their website and has made referrals easier. One tool they say is particularly useful is Hootsuite –  a one-stop social networking platform like Tweetdeck.

Like i said earlier, they nailed it.

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  1. Good example. It seems that they are more successful using blog than using Social Media channels though.

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