How Dominos drove half a million user to sales through facebook?


Multinational retailers like Domino’s Pizza was looking for the right digital platform to run their global campaigns. But issues such as language and nation-specific regulations had made the idea seem daunting. Dennis Maloney, Domino’s VP of digital marketing, and his team decided to work closely with Facebook’s Marketing Solutions department to see if the social site could pan out internationally. They created a one-day promotion celebrating Domino’s 51st birthday, offering half-price pizzas in 19 countries.

Dubbed “Global Domino’s Day,” the campaign used 19 country-specific Facebook pages. And like-gate ads – requiring users to like the brand – were served in 10 languages. Maloney said his brand’s one-day promotion – from concept to launch – took six months to prepare, much longer than normal digital campaigns, because of lan¬guage issues and nation-specific regulations. St. Louis-based ad agency Ansira assisted with the effort.
“It definitely took some time and coordination,” Maloney said. “Going through that process for 19 countries is literally 19 times harder than only doing a promotion for one country…We had to prepare the [ad and app] language for each country separately.”

Here’s how the promotion unfolded:
During the week leading up to the campaign, a tab on the Domino’s Facebook page alerted viewers that “some¬thing big is about to happen,” and featured a share button.
A second version of the tab was launched three days before the event, revealing the half-price offer and allowing Facebook users to share the message in 14 languages.
In days prior to the campaign, Facebook Marketplace and Sponsored Stories ads were posted to create awareness. Premium ads on the social site encouraged users to RSVP to the event. Premium and Sponsored Stories ads ran on Dec. 8, 2011, driving click-throughs to the app, where users could select their country and go to their local/regional Dominos ordering site.
Once users liked the brand, the app added the discount offer to their shopping cart.
Then, a pop-up encouraged people to share the offer with their friends.

Facebook drove 542,000 users to the Domino’s ordering sites on Dec. 8, 2011. “It was wildly successful,” said Maloney. He said the promo¬tion broke sales records in multiple countries for the brand. “It was the first time we activated a single promotion worldwide. We actually think it’s the first time any [quick-serve restaurant] company has been able to do that, which is really exciting. It got great participation around the world.”
While 50 percent of Domino’s stores are in the U.S., Maloney said his Facebook campaign saw terrific sales results in Korea, Israel, the U.K., and Canada. The social platform has evolved into a worldwide digital broadcast center for brands, he said.
“Facebook has become a single point and language that translates almost across the entire globe,” Maloney said. “In almost every market, it was a record-breaking day. It either broke the record for orders or for how many people visited [that coun¬try’s] Facebook page.”

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  1. 542,000 users to the Domino’s ordering sites on a single day!!! That is a great accomplishment! Good Example.

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