Case Study Dixons Retail

Highlights of Dixons Retail
• Dixons Retail shifts to internal agency model
• Cuts agency use from 95% to 4% in three years
• Saves “millions of pounds” in recruitment fees
• Recruited 300+ people using LinkedIn for call centre, HQ and senior retail positions

Business Situation
Three years ago, recruitment at Dixons Retail was largely a reactive, administrative function.
The team waited for vacancies to be approved, then advertised the posts or went to external recruitment agencies to ll them. It was expensive
and slow to respond to the needs of the business.
As the company’s business grew and evolved – for example, adding home delivery centres and an expanded support and services business
model – the company’s recruitment needed to change. This required a shift onto the front foot and the transformation of their recruitment
function into an internal agency proactively sourcing the best possible candidates.

Voice of Business Leader of Dixon Retail
“When I started three years ago, we did 95% of our recruitment [for head
ofce, contact centres and store managers] using agencies and now we’re
below 4%,” says Bridget Hutchinson, Head of Recruitment. “Everything
we do now is directly sourced. LinkedIn has been fundamental to that
change. It’s been brilliant.”

Everything we do now is directly sourced.LinkedIn has been fundamental to that change.
It’s been brilliant and it’s saved us millions of pounds in agency fees.”
Bridget Hutchinson
Head of Recruitment, Dixons Retail

“LinkedIn is a huge success factor for us. It enables us to be really proactive. When someone in the
business is looking to recruit, we can get them a candidate profile in less than an hour.”
Bridget Hutchinson, Head of Recruitment, Dixons Retail


LinkedIn solution for Dixons Retail
LinkedIn gives Dixons Retail a range of tools that help them and great staff for the company. Hutchison gives LinkedIn
Recruiter pride of place. It lets her 14-person team search the whole of LinkedIn for suitable talent, even if they
haven’t applied for a position. It also helps to manage the recruitment process and keep track of different candidates.
She says, “I wouldn’t want to be without it now.” Using InMails to contact candidates directly makes it easy
to approach interesting candidates and prospects. “It’s about engaging talent and having a conversation,” says
Hutchinson. But it’s important to do it right. A well-crafted InMail can make a big difference to how a candidate sees
the company and the opportunity. By paying attention to these emails, Dixons Retail gets above-average response
rates: around 60% compared with an industry average of around 25-30%.
Dixons Retail also uses LinkedIn to map competitors’ internal structures and groups to get a sense of where
potential candidates might be working. This insight helps them target appropriately-experienced hires and also get
some insight into other companies’ organisational design.

Dixons Retail’s central recruitment team has hired more than 300 people using LinkedIn for senior positions in stores, their
call centre and head ofce (other recruitment is done locally).
LinkedIn has proven particularly effective at nding ‘passive candidates’ who aren’t actively looking for a job. It has also
saved the company “millions of pounds” in agency fees. The company uses external agencies for less than 4% of it’s
“But most of all, says Hutchinson, it has been a tool for change.” It has helped her team switch from a passive role to
a proactive one. Thanks to LinkedIn, “we can deliver a real service to the business – the candidates it needs, when it
needs them.”

LinkedIn User Tips

• Be as active as possible in LinkedIn Groups
• Get the Recruiter Licence
• Give your reasons when you contact someone; don’t spam
• Get your recruitment and HR team active on LinkedIn themselves
• Set up a career page for your company

Hope My First case study is informative and useful.

Antony Marshal




  1. Joy Sen · · Reply

    Good In-sight ……. 🙂

  2. Might not be a good case study for recruitment agencies 🙂

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