Red Bull – The “killer” content king


Company Background:

Ever since its birth, Red Bull’s marketing strategies has been completely different from the lot.  Today, nearly 4.5 Billion cans of Red Bull are sold worldwide and their distinctive marketing strategy is one of the key factors that has led Red Bull to this place. When first launched in 1985, it was available in Austria only but the marketing team opted for the word of mouth publicity and created curiosity among the consumers around Austria and especially Germany. There was a time that Red Bull was even bootlegged into those countries. And since then, Red Bull has been associated with almost every adventure and extreme sports starting from Formula 1, BMX, Dirt bikes and even air shows.


Red Bull has always followed a distinctive way of marketing and they want to continue with their distinctive approach on social media as well. Starting from their Facebook page, Twitter account and YouTube channel, Red Bull wants to stick to their traditional approach. One of Red Bull’s key goal is to meaningfully engage with the loyal fan base around the world.



No doubt that Red Bull is a smart player. There are lot of brands who are peppering on their logo and branding everything that they have got in their bucket. But here, on social media, Red Bull posts or release the stuff that their fans want to see and at the same time sticking to the core value of the brand. YouTube has been Red Bull’s favourite social media platform and they have been working a lot on it. If you compare the original data posted on a network, then YouTube leads all the way.  Video is perhaps the best brand building tool and there cannot be a better platform than YouTube for making the brands go viral over the internet. Today, Red Bull has over 303 million views for all their videos available on YouTube. As mentioned above, Red Bull creates video or post that their viewers want to see. For example,

However, the shoot was way too expensive. For obvious reasons. But important is, you only see a can of Red Bull a couple of times as well as the logos on his outfits but it in no way feels like an advert and makes compelling viewing. The video had almost a quarter of a million views in first couple of days of its release.

Here’s an another example of Red Bull’s dominating presence on YouTube. As we said earlier, Red Bull has been associated with adventure sports, how can Red Bull fail with the “YouTube’s Action Sports Channels.” YouTube went gnarly with the launch of this action channel attracting all the action packed sportsmen, performers and their loyal fan base. It joined as one of YouTube’s inaugural action sports content producers. And to date, nearly 300 million YouTube views have been generated from Red Bull content, making Red Bull Media House one of the top five sports content producers on YouTube globally. Red Bull’s YouTube channel has got some 1984 videos (till date) and 457,268 subscribers from almost 300 million video views.  All the content on the Red Bull’s YouTube channel is coverage from their events, so their channel is one of the first stops for extreme sports online. Again this gives great exposure to their brand and their association with these types of activities.

When we’re talking about extreme sports online, YouTube came up with an extreme sports channel during January, 2012. The channel had participants in addition to Red Bull media house, there were Alli Sports, TransWorld TV, Ride Channel and Network A. Red Bull has been associated with some jaw breaking performers like skateboarder Ryan Sheckler, motocross star Travis Pastrana, surfer Jamie O’Brien and trials cyclist Danny MacAskill.

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 The channel was meant to show the day-to-day lives and competitions of some of the world’s most popular athletes from a variety of sports.  Red Bull channel topped the rest of the channel as far as this event was concerned and that too by huge margin. The second best channel out of all participants, was Alli sports with some 28K subscribers compared to 457K that of Red Bull and 10 million over all views compared to 300 million views that of Red Bull.



Content is King and Red Bull proves it with their killing content. With so much support from a dedicated content team, one of its winning online properties is its Facebook Page. With more than 26.7 million “Likes,” Red Bull’s Facebook Page ranks in the top 50 branded pages on the world’s largest social network. Red Bull‘s social media team relies mostly on engagement metrics to measure success, and that, it has in spades. 

Red Bull’s Winning Content


Red Bull is a sponsor of athletes in various extreme sports. Its focal marketing message, “Gives You Wings,” fits well with visual content of athletes flying through the air on bikes or snowboards.

The brand’s most popular posts are extreme sports videos and photos, sometimes garnering thousands of re-shares onto the personal Facebook profiles of its fans. Many, but not all of these videos are of Red Bull’s own sponsored athletes.

Keeping Messaging Simple

Red Bull stays true to its tagline, “Gives You Wings,” across all of the social platforms it uses. It is surprising to see a hashtag for #GivesYouWings show up on the brand’s main Facebook Page. But it turns out it’s something the brand is seeing used by consumers on Facebook, although it may have little value on the platform. In fact, a Red Bull spokesperson explained that the company has seen hashtags translate well across many platforms — Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest.


“Seeing the tagline used frequently and organically as a hashtag by consumers was an inspiration to make #GivesYouWings a focal point of our ongoing ‘World of Red Bull — Get Your Wings at Launchpad’ campaign,” the spokesperson explained. The effort enables Red Bull’s community to vote on user-generated video submissions focused around big ideas of any kind, and ultimately, Red Bull will make one person’s big idea a reality.

Learning From Red Bull’s Success

What makes a brand stand out on Facebook is how it transforms an audience into a community. Red Bull’s unique content reflects who it is as a media company and always focuses on its core message, making its posts shareable and bringing fans back for more.

There are a few tips that could help brands emulate Red Bull’s success on Facebook.

  • Keep messaging simple. Brands should choose one central message that ties its online and even offline efforts. Red Bull keeps its messaging simple with its “Gives You Wings” tagline. Other brands should do the same — after all, consumers are bombarded with messages all day long. Keep yours top of mind by making it simple and easy to remember and relate to. 
  • Utilize your company’s strengths. A brand should always play to its strengths by utilizing resources or connections its company has. Red Bull, for example, uses the recommendations of its athletes to choose the videos it posts. This insider’s perspective is not lost on fans. 
  • Give fans what they want. Always keep an eye on what is resonating with the audience and use that information to your advantage. Every engagement tactic deserves some play time, but focus resources on the ones that really resonate with readers.


Red Bull has a universal tagline across their every campaign. #giveyouwings which fits for all campaigns. The results are quite phenomenal. Red Bull has got a nearly 29 million fan base on Facebook and over 300 million views for their videos on YouTube. Prominent bloggers and marketing Gurus rate Red Bull’s Facebook contents as the most simple yet effective and delivering the needs of the fans which make Red Bull media house a reputed think tank. 


Thanks and Regards,

Milan Vaidya

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