Starbucks- Facebook for Brand Promotion Example 3(group 3)

Next example I would like to take is that of Starbucks , the coffee giant of the world.

With 30 M fans , its ahead of several other brands when it comes to branding on Facebook.

Right from photographs of customers, employees, cover pages, refreshing and creative photography, to sharing recipes, to community service- Starbucks knows what it is putting on the Facebook Page up there!

Its About info is also so clearly stated, with even history mentioned in the proper order. 
From loyalty program, to its existence on  Pintrest, to its international maps and locations- the Facebook page shows it all! The Facebook page of Starbucks is a better branding platform than the website itself

Check out the page yourself..



  1. Putting customer photographs on the FB will make the customer a hero. It works most of the time by having repeat customers and they will also spread this to all their contacts in FB.

  2. Starbucks entering India in coming days.. It might not be long to see our photos and experiences in their FB page.

    1. thanks for your comment .. right waiting for the starbucks experience online and offline!!

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