SENSATION TITLE:  Nestle’s Social Media Meltdown

Nestle facebook Fan page, where Green peace supporters wrote negative comments

Nestle facebook page

CAUSE: Nestle was supporting deforestation and causing the extinction of Orangutan monkeys over their policies of buying palm oil. Greenpeace and like-minded people created a video which likened eating a Kit Kat bar to killing an Orangutan. That video was placed on YouTube.

Video created by Green peace against Nestle

EFFECT: Due to violation of trademark, Nestle removed the video from YouTube, which further angered the green peace followers. Then, Nestle received 190 complaints within 24 hours on Facebook page, and thousands of tweets reaching hundreds of thousands of consumers. As a standard rule, they (Nestle) removed the comments. It further irritated the green peace followers, they started a movement of their supporters to flock to the Nestle page and post more and more negative comments and more images of the altered logo. The video has received over a quarter of million views to date. At end, nestle decided to use suitable palm oil by 2012.

DAMAGE:  Though, the incident did not hurt nestle substantial in terms of numbers but had lost its true followers and brand image. No doubt, the green peace followers are not going to purchase nestle products in near future.


Nestle could have avoided this mess by

  • Transparency: Had they told the mob that they are working ways to sort out the problem.
  • Silence: Meet the medium with medium and pace.
  • Authenticity: Protect your brand with proper justification of problem.

Social initiatives have a huge effect on brands and its supporters only grow bigger.Taking a timely decision is must for brand reputation

One comment

  1. This was a nonsense mess…I must say nestle is a trustable brand

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