Threadless- Facebook for Brand a promotion example 2.( group 3)

thread less is a brand based in the US for Tees, Jackets, accessories, etc. where anyone can make a design and submit Most of the designs are by the normal citizen who play the role of apparel Designers for the company. The brand delivers online across the major countries in the world. it recently delivering in India too.
A member wrote on its wall – I have got t- shirt designs for you , would you make them ?
So it acknowledging the creativity of the common man and giving them due credit is what makes this brand popular.
The first thing that I could help but notice the never ending photos and images in the album of the page. In its albums the photos have due credit given to the person so designed it in the caption.
The designs are such that you would not find anywhere else , every day new designs flow in. It respects art and claims to have given away awards of $7 million since 2000.
On their Facebook page, fans post their designs, their queries, tees derived, etc.The company posts about its employees , how they organise meetings, various updates inspiring members to post the designs, photos, etc.
So basically it is a company which runs on designs submitted by the consumers. And Facebook is a perfect place for it to be. pinterest is also be a great platform for the company.


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  1. In India follow the same model by empowering and treating the customers as partners.

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