SENSATION TITLE: Southwest’s Crack under Pressure

CAUSE: On 25th April, 2011 Southwest Airlines flight 812 was forced to make an emergency landing after a large hole developed in the plane’s fuselage, dropping the cabin pressure. He flight from Phoenix never made it to its final destination, Sacramento, Calif., and several of the 118 passengers on board snapped photos and videos on their cell phones of the frightening malfunction.

EFFECT: the incident caused minor injuries to two of the 123 aboard and “the plane descended 16,000 feet in a minute. The emergency landing news went viral on the news and web but company authorities handled it exceptionally good.

DAMAGE: The airline went on to cancel about 300 flights and grounded 79 planes for an “aggressive inspection effort in cooperation with Boeing engineers.


  • The way the company handled aftermath the incident was kind of textbook, and people really appreciated their rapid response at the time.
  • Company that was open and transparent about things. They had the right kind of approach to a misstep—being open, being honest, being transparent about it—people respected them a lot more than trying to cover up a misstep.
  •  In addition, the airline updated its social media channels, informing fans and followers about the investigation.

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