G1: Twitter for HR | Eg#2 | Recruitment

True story:  How one recruiter hired 27 “Specialist” IT staff via twitter #SocialRecruiting

Ivan Stojanovic of Irish recruiting firm C.P.L. The headline of the story was how he had recruited 27 specialist I.T. staff via twitter, in a span of 12 months!

Started off tentativley, but today after 2 years twitter is part of their recruitment strategy.

Challenge: These specialists usually do not post CVs. Work as contractors, difficult to find.

Approach: Ivan setup non-branded twitter accounts. Used Twitter search for keywords and setting alerts. Followed repeating profiles, engaged them around technical topics. Once he had qualified his contacts fully, he approached them with opportunities.

Rough ROI: It would be reasonable to estimate an average fee of £10k, offering a return over 12 months in the region of £270k!


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