G1: Twitter for HR | Eg#1 | Recruitment

Forrester (@ForresterJobs). 2871 followers.

Misty Sutton, Forrester’s Manager of Global Sales Recruiting.


Started off tentativley, but today after 2 years twitter is part of their recruitment strategy.

“Culture is hard to convey with a job posting, but social makes it possible”.

Social Media Co-ordinator role developed in the beginning of 2011.

Weekly social team meetings; investing more in social media.

Last “tweetjam” organised on 02-Mar-12, in which Forresterites and Forrester Alum participated. ( #whyIworkatForrester and #whyIworkedatForrester)


Page analysis: + modified page contact info; career tips; last week’s average: 2 tweets/day.






* Folllower figures as on 22-Jun12.

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