Group3: E.g. 3 Customer Support Mediatemple Via twiiter

  • Today, more companies are jumping on the bandwagon every day, having finally realized that Twitter is a hotbed of customer complaints, questions, and concerns
  • Same is being demonstrated by Media Temple web hosting firm. They have separate twitter handle to perform customer support  Media Temple- Web Hosting Built To Scale. 24/7/365 Twitter support.
  • Brands twitter page looks like
  • They have clearly mentioned on page as ‘Twitter support’ . As you can see they are clearly using personal interactions in real time basis thus utilizing capability of twitter at full.





















Lesson to  learn:

  • One should be publishing both proactive and reactive tweets in Twitter customer service timeline. Proactive tweets include announcements and warnings. For example, an airline might tweet about known weather problems that are likely to delay flights. Hopefully, these proactive tweets will reduce some incoming customer service complaints.


  • Twitter is “open” seven days a week, 365 days a year, and customers expect businesses to be available around-the-clock providing real-time customer service. In the best case scenario, business Twitter profile would be staffed at all times, but this isn’t always economically feasible for businesses.

One comment

  1. Thanks for sharing! We strongly believe that any company that provides customer service should have a solid Twitter plan. Check out this video featuring the (mt) Social Team on how we utilize social: -SC

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