Using twitter to generate leads(sameer verma group 3)

1.Company name-Best Buy
Twitter Account-@bestbuy

By using Twitter, Best Buy is able to tie all of their marketing pieces of the puzzle together, by posting blog updates, product releases, new promotions/offers, new store location, and more. Not only can Best Buy enthusiasts keep up with updates, but Best Buy is using Twitter as a customer service tool, responding to unhappy and satisfied customers. Just like any other brand or company, Best Buy can listen to what is being said about @BestBuy and respond if appropriate.

They have also taken advantage of using a custom Best Buy background, that shows off employees, along with urls to all of their social media outlets. Another great way to build branding and awareness of their other social sites.

The video link:

BestBuy has created a program they call Twelpforce. The idea is that employees from across the organization can interact quickly and easily with customers who have questions about products. This is a different approach but it’s smart—they’re building trust and fostering happy, informed customers. That’s good stuff.

How Best Buy tweets
Employees will be able to answer the customers’ questions by registering on twitter and posting through @Twelpforce. Employees are able to post by adding hash-tags (#Twelpforce) in their tweets which will automatically add the tweet to the correct page.

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