Using twitter for lead generation & marketing ex.4(sameer verma group 3)


The Tweet and Follow Buttons deliver big value for Etsy sellers


@Etsy noticed early on that a lot of shop owners using their service included their Twitter account information on their shop pages. The team also noticed their community tweeting links to Etsy content, using Twitter as a way to drive traffic back to the site to increase sales. Etsy quickly realized that Twitter’s asymmetric nature presented an attractive opportunity for sellers and their pages, and the team considered how it could use Twitter both to drive purchases for their sellers and to help sellers build a loyal following.


In a typical 30 day period, over 1 million Tweets mention @Etsy with 58% of those Tweets come from the Tweet Button. The Follow Button has driven over 200,000 followers for Etsy sellers.
Etsy encouraged all its sellers to connect their shops to Twitter, using both the Tweet and Follow Buttons. This allowed sellers to tweet about each new listing added to their shops. The Tweet Button was added to every product page. Etsy also decided to launch the Follow Button across the shop pages of all sellers who connected with Twitter, so users could follow the Twitter accounts of shops they discovered on Etsy. Shoppers began to see Follow Buttons below the banner of connected Etsy shops.

To Etsy, the integration was about empowering shop owners to better retain their customers. Sellers marketing their shops have been one of the driving forces behind Etsy’s growth, and giving sellers tools to help them stay connected with their customers became a strategic priority. As Etsy’s CEO Chad Dickerson said in this blog post after the launch, “Bringing buyers to Etsy is a team effort, and sellers and the Etsy admin are all part of that team.”

Etsy is thrilled with the integration. Most of the Tweets from Etsy’s website originate from sellers’ pages. Twitter is used heavily by Etsy sellers with over 1.3 million Tweets mentioning @Etsy in a typical 30 day period resulting in over 825,000 clicks back to Etsy. 58% of those Tweets are driven by the Tweet Button.

Furthermore, nearly 100,000 Etsy sellers have added Follow Buttons to their shop pages so far. Etsy Product Manager Sean Flannagan notes, “We launched our Connect Your Shop integration aimed at sellers in the Fall of 2011. Since then close to 100,000 shops have connected with Twitter. In aggregate, we’ve seen those connected shops gain close to 200,000 new followers so far via the Follow Button on their Etsy shop pages.”

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