Using twitter for lead generation & marketing ex.3 (sameer verma group 3)


Zappos uses Twitter to generate over 1,200 conversations per month with its customers

Zappos realized early in its business model that Twitter would provide the most unique platform to communicate with its customer base of “Zapponians”. Their transparent stream of Tweets has helped build a loyal following of fans who love their service.

Zappos sees as many as 85 unique conversations per day using Twitter’s API. And over 600 Tweets from fans per month showcase Zappos products.

The team also learned that their early list of ideas would require a more extensive use of Twitter than just running an account or two. To build an engaging experience for customers, their team turned to Twitter’s powerful set of APIs and website tools to create an unparalleled customer service platform.

Zappo’s Conversations uses Twitter’s Streaming API to look for all the Tweets that mention @Zappos and @Zappos_Service. Tweets of conversations, questions, and comments stream in and Zappos presents them on the Conversations website so others may read how Zappos is working to communicate with its fans and customers and solve any issues or problems.

Over a one month period, Zappos averages over 600 products tweeted by its customers. On some days, Zappos has seen as high as 60 Tweets per day about their products. As Zappo’s TweetWall gains visibility, the team expects that it increase the conversation even more about their products. Zappos builds products like the TweetWall as a fun way for their customers to be inspired and discover new products.

Additionally, Zappos averages about 40 Twitter-based conversations with its customers per day. The number climbs as high as 85 conversations on some days. In general, the team tries to respond to almost everyone who asks questions about Zappos

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