Using Twitter for Brand Promotion: Battle of the Bush, AB DeVilliers


The cricket follwers: No I am not going to talk about AB De Villiers beard nor his scoops over the keepers head or reverse sweeps… In this example however i will make a reference to a greater initiative this great sport celebrity is a part of to transform lives and took to twitter with an effort to make a difference.

My next example highlights the charity initiative of ABD called Battle of the Bush. It reads nothing more than ’20 Golfing friends striving to make a difference – creating awareness & raising funds to improve lives’.  People might dispute whether a not for profit organisation can be called a ‘Brand” not sure but i have focussed on the second word in the assignment called ‘Pronotion’. I am mighty impressed and quite fascinated to see how well this initiative has been promoted through Twitter.

Though started in 2010 just as an amatuer sport the people thought 1st year, that they needed something bigger, something more than just golf to make this intended annual event a certainty. They decided to give something back – something small, just to know that we made a difference to someone somewhere… they began with clothhing donations. No big thing. No publicity. No ceremony.

In June 2011 the group was joined by cricketer AB de Villiers for the second tour. The group came across a boy from Bela Bela, Ruan Erasmus, who had been diagnosed with Perthes disease and urgently needed a double hip transplant to enable him to walk. With vast amount of money that was needed for him to get the operation, it was realised that more exposure, more structure and more planning was needed. Luckily there was AB…& Twitter.
It is fortunate that AB has a massive following on twitter. Members were intrigued how to leverage that to create awareness? Questions in deliberations were: “Can we approach companies to donate more funds? How will we convince them our intentions are true?”  A non-profit company was registered.

While many were busy enjoying the fame & sudden explosion of money in free time, AB was with his gadget- TWEETING about Ruan and how people’s initiatives can make a difference to someone’s lives. After Kevin Pieterson, AB was trending most as he was expected to be the VWVP (Volks Wagon Valuable Player) after a brilliant performance. AB donated his prize in full to the charity which was followed by a stream of donations from celebrities, other sports personalities and corporate & sponsors houses. Within months Battle of the Bush was seen, understood and partenerd by many.

Not All… but some help from our very own Twitter.

Well done AB


Puneet Sansanwal

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