Using Twitter for Brand Promotion: SATIC


My third example re Twitter Brand promotions is going to bring to light the efforts and creativity of an association/ industry body which otherwise might be termed as a strict, beureaucratic and just a stamping authority.

I analysed the activities of South Australian Tourism Industry Council and their efforts in the social media. SATIC as it dervies an abbreviation is the commercial leg of South Australian Tourism Commission which is the Government body to promote tourism in the state. While SATC remains responsible to market the region for tourists, SATIC looks after the members or tourism operators in the state. One can say SATIC is the money earner in the office & SATC is the spender in marketing & promotions. SATIC also provides accrediation to all operators of being registered & approved by the government. All operators pay a free to be associated with SATIC.

By the looks of it SATIC sounds like a money collector from operators who comes once a year to stamp on your registration. Wrong. SATIC’s team comprises the most vibrant, energetic and knowledgable individuals in the trade of tourism who are passionate about their members and add value to the state every day. Almost all members of the team actively tweet and engage all partners in conversations keeping them informed about all whats happening in tourism space and what is in it for each one of us. Their morning tweets comprise of all insights with impacts of events or news that have taken place in our regions. They corelate & convey the ‘news’ efftects on us as tourism businesses. The afternoon tweets are bit more fun quotient with quizes about the state, upcoming events, opportunities etc are shared. The most important aspect they bring on the table is of training & development. They rope in international speakers to come down to the town & hold lectures for all members to improve our interest & knowhow about the industry. They build up an interest  in such a way that you really look forward to the seminars & events. To be honest i do not read any other tourism news as i beleive morning tweets are suffcient information for a day.

This ubique ability which has come about with their social media presence specially Twitter has assisted them to build opposite to a traditional image of being a Governemnt run ‘dry’ to a bunch of educationalists for all tourism operators

Twitter address: SA_TIC


Puneet Sansanwal


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