Using Twitter for Brand Promotion: EventConnect

Dear Readers

As in my last post, my examples are going to revolve around the travel & hospitality. Please pardon me for that however i can only express interesting facts about a brand if i have followed it with a passion… Next up in my list is a conference venue or functions website called Event Connect and other such venue finders are common with event organisers as a tool to narrow down their search based on location, facilities, sixe and price etc before approaching the venues for quotes. Website offer various models to venues to partner with them such as either on a commission basis or charging a fee to list their venue with them.

Event Connect is one the premium segment website in this section of the business and demands a fairly upmarket price from the venues to be associated with them. There are many players in the market but why EventConnect successfuly manages to have a huge database of event organisers and also having maximum venues as partners & that too by paying the highest price?? You could say the size of databse or the website toping the search engine results etc..however the real reason as well is the brand recall & the connectivity this website has through its Social Media Channels. Every day thet tweet various specials and promotions from different venues. As a venue it is almost prestigious to get your special offer retweeted by them to a massive audience. As a venue manager, i have found absolute comfort in paying the extra few dollars as i know that when i am in need, Event connect will leave no stone unturned to get my offer out to millions of their visitors and twitter followers. It is with social media in my view that this brand has been able to build the faith and rapport from both event organisers and the venues such as us.

Twitter address: @EventConnect

If you have an international conference coming up which you want to bring here, make sure you keep an eye on their tweets

Puneet Sansanwal

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