Using Twitter for Brand Promotion: is Australia & New Zealand’s number one Travel and accommodation website. People who are from travel industry will understand how diffucult it is to get into the space of big and large corporations such as Expedia, priceline and Orbitz as they have global presence. was opened few years ago in a Garage with 3 staff. Soon it took over the web space of booking hotel accommodation & very recently the flights as well. The name ‘wotif’ came about when the first three owners were discussing ideas & creative names for their new venture & were heard saying, “What if we name our website XYZ” , “what if we nam it ABC”.. and the term WHAT If became wotif and here is a website with 5.3 million visitors per month & is undisputedly hold the maximim market share in Australian hotels. Who ever books accommodation in Australia with whichever source, once definitely cross checks for special prices with

The company took to social media few years ago and chose Twitter to promote their brand and the catchy phrase “wotif’. it started to tweet things such as ‘ Wotif the weather was good, will you plan a holiday”. ” wotif Sachin gets his 100th hundred in Adelaide.. dont miss the action, book your hotel room now to stay newar Adelaide Oval’.

The brand has rapidly become so popular that travelers are now not using terms such as On-Line Travel Agent.. they are saying wotifs etc which is a great testimony for any brand. For example washing powders are not called washing powder & instead become ‘Surf’. It has created a monopoly as far as polularity is concerned. People in the travel scene often seen joking with each other ‘ wotif flights were cancelled.. will wotif fill our hotel etc… achieved mainly due to doing one special sale for the subcribers and twitter followers each day.

Their Twitter account is @Wotif…!/Wotif browse to creativity.


Puneet Sasnsanwal

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