Use of Twitter for Brand Promotion: Adelaide Fringe


A hair style whic people in Adelaide sport??? Not quite… Adelaide Fringe is the country’s most awaited, colorful and entertaining festival which brings cultures, classes and masses together to enjoy one medium.. ART…

A month long festival spread across February & March each year… is the largest art arts festival in the southern hemisphere. Not on similar lines, but as an example for people who live in Delhi.. this is the longer version of the trade fair at Pragati Maidan where arts & culture from different regions of the country is represented and exhibited MINUS the commercial angle of economics PLUS the element of pure & blissfull entertainment. Artists from all parts of the country comprising of musicians, comedians, dancers, painters of every kind, actors gather in the Festival state to deliver something extraordinary. Adelaide Fringe organises staged shows for all renowned artists on resonable prices and the element which stands out & is so unique about this festival that it encourages or freelance & amateur artsist to perform amongst a great audience. There are shows in amphetheatres, under canopys, just on the lawns but each & every member trully entertains the people of the city with the skill and creativity.

Adelaide Fringe boosted its polularity with Twitter allowing aspirants to submit entries and prove their credentials before performing at the Fringe. Screening etc is conducted with massive help from twitter. The organisers also utilise Twitter to inform the audience of ALL shows everywhere which might have missed out otherwise in print advertising. It also informs and notifies timings, ticket prices, ‘not to be missed etc. For people coming in to town, there are Tweets about accommodation, parking, car hire and other facilities all under one roof. In fact it is said that if you really want to enjoy Frige and are yet not following them on twitter, you are going to miss out on specials.

For me, the brand promotion here is not making people aware about the festival itself as it is ver iconic & is a historic event. The revolution twitter has brought to Fringe offering information through tweets is phenominal. I infact try and book those shows which were trending most & were retweeted most times by friends. It has brought seemless organisation to an otherwise very dynamic set of rules and information.

Browse through for a cretaive experience. I doubt any words can compete with artisist. If they can do magic on cavas, i wonder what thyey would do with a kep pad with # tags on it 🙂

Puneet Sansanwal

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