THUNDERHEAD – Recruiting Employees Using LinkedIn

Company Name           : Thunderhead

About the Company  : It is a technology company which supplies communication services on all channels and helps its clients communicate more effectively and in a personalized way with their customers.

Issue                                : Thunderhead spent £500,000 for a year on recruiting fees for external recruitment agencies and still they struggled to fill technical support and quality assurance roles

Objective                       : Want to reduce the recruiting cost and need to hire 66 new people in next 12 months

Tools Used                   : LinkedIn and its Recruiter product, they shared jobs as job discussions in multiple groups, Career page

End Result                   : 25% traffic to Thunderhead website originated from the careers pages. Out of 102 hires made last year, 25% happened via LinkedIn. Agency spend were reduced by 50% (now down to £250,000k), cost of hire has come down by 50%, and overall recruitment spend reduced by 25%

Link                              :

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  1. Marie Christine · · Reply

    After using LassoIn, I found that it is smart enough to update posts form the particular page of your website. The only thing which you need to do is schedule the post at your desired time. After doing this, you can witness significant growth in the number of connections as well as followers.

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