Thrill + Action + Excitement + Fear + Risk + Sports + Event + Drink = Red Bull (Branding on You Tube : Ex # 4 Group # 1)


Ever since founded in 1985, by an Austrian Dietrich Mateschitz, Red Bull has been following a completely different marketing and branding strategies. Starting from word of mouth publicity, Event marketing, Sports marketing and point of purchase marketing, Red Bull has always surprised the consumers and the competitors with their approach. And, since beginning, Red Bull has been associated with adventure sports, how can Red Bull fail with the “Youtube’s Action Sports Channels.” Youtube went gnarly with the launch of this action channel attracting all the action packed sportsmen, performers and their loyal fan base. And when it comes to adventure sports war, no matter what’s the battlefield. Whether it’s digital form or the field, how can Red Bull stay behind from anyone else?  And as far as Youtube is concerned, well, YouTube is perhaps Red Bull’s biggest social strong suit. It joined as one of YouTube’s inaugural action sports content producers. And to date, nearly 300 million YouTube views have been generated from Red Bull content, making Red Bull Media House one of the top five sports content producers on YouTube globally. Red Bull’s Youtube channel has got some 1984 videos (till date) and 457,268 subscribers from almost 300 million video views.  All the content on the Red Bull’s Youtube channel is coverage from their events, so their channel is one of the first stops for extreme sports online. Again this gives great exposure to their brand and their association with these types of activities.

When we’re talking about extreme sports online, youtube came up with an extreme sports channel during January, 2012. The channel had participants in addition to Red Bull media house, there were Alli Sports, TransWorld TV, Ride Channel and Network A. Red Bull has been associated with some jaw breaking performers like skateboarder Ryan Sheckler, motorcross star Travis Pastrana, surfer Jamie O’Brien and trials cyclist Danny MacAskill.


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The channel was meant to show the day-to-day lives and competitions of some of the world’s most popular athletes from a variety of sports.  Red Bull channel topped the rest of the channel as far as this event was concerned and that too by huge margin. The second best channel out of all participants, was Alli sports with some 28K subscribers compared to 457K that of Red Bull and 10 million over all views compared to 300 million views that of Red Bull .

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