The Evian Effect (Branding on You Tube : Ex # 5 Group # 1)

Evian is one of the leading French brand of mineral water having their markets in entire France and many of the European country. For many of us it may be a new name but as far as branding is concerned, these people are awesome.   Evian is considered to be a high-end mineral water brand. You may get the idea about the brand from the names which are associated with it.  David LaChapelle (famous photographer) photographed an Evian campaign juxtaposing a supermodel next to an Evian fountain formed from a Greek statue, film actor Sebastian Siegel painted to look like stone by Joanne Gair (World’s renowned body painter). And in addition to this, they even had a limited addition bottle designed by high-end fashion designer Jean – Paul Gaultier.

Evian has come up with some great branding campaign throughout the years. Their latest campaign is called “LIVE YOUNG” and the latest commercial of the campaign is out which is called “Evian Baby Inside” which has already crossed 2.5 million views on YouTube (Official Channel). Evian has been campaigning hard on the baby effect inside every human. Their commercial starts with a simple text speaking about the effect of Evian on human body.

Let’s talk about the most successful campaign of Evian till date. It’s called “”Evian Roller Babies”. Evian launched its ‘Roller Babies’ video in July 2009 as part of its ‘Live Young’ campaign, and instantly gained success.  The video notched up 27,000,000 views on the official YouTube video, and an estimated 61,000,000 views across the web in total, making it the most popular online advertisement ever. Today the video records 57 million views (Evian Roller Babies International) on the official YouTube channel  only. Evian released the video in different languages with almost every single video crossing the view counts in millions (Evian roller Babies US crossed the 16 Million view mark).  What Evian are most proud of though, is the videos ability to inspire conversation – research shows that over 80% of people who watched the clip in either France or America considered discussing it, and over 65% wanted to share it. The video also won the award for the best visual effect at the London International Awards, 2009.

The most interesting aspect of Nielsen’s research though, was the fact that 95% of the people in France (one of the countries where the advertisement was first launched) who viewed the video online had not seen the ad on TV. This statistic really cemented the need for online video to run alongside – and possibly even replace – traditional media channels.


Milan Vaidya

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