DAVID MOYE – Recruiting Employees Using LinkedIn

Individual Name              : David Moye

About Him                     : He is creative with diverse background and having more than 20 years of experience in journalism

Issue                             : During the recession he lost his job

Objective                       : He wanted to switch careers and move into public relations

Tools Used                    : He created a profile with every job he had ever had and he used that as an opportunity to describe his personality, he uploaded five videos related to PR in YouTube which he created and he reached out to his LinkedIn network with a personalized email that linked to the videos. He also joined PR-focused groups on LinkedIn and engaged in the conversations

End Result                    : Through his LinkedIn contacts, Moye’s videos made their way in front of the folks at CNBC. They ended up featuring two videos on the CNBC website. One viewer offered him a job at Alternative Strategies, a boutique PR agency in San Diego.

Link                              : www.mcbru.com/review/MCBRU/…/files/MProfs_LinkedInCSC.pdf


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