BELKIN – Online Reputation Management

  • One representative from Belkin, a global manufacturer of computer hardware, was caught offering money to anybody who posted a 100% positive review of certain Belkin products .
  •  He also asked the reviewers to vote down negative comments on and other e-commerce sites.
  • The employee was busted after The Daily Background found an ad on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service, offering users monetary incentives to write false positive reviews for some Belkin products.
  • The request was signed by Mike Bayard who was in charge of sales to e-retailers. Apparently, he used the same methodology in other e-commerce sites.
  • An angry crowd forced Belkin president Mark Reynoso to issue a press release.
  • Even though Reynoso insisted that this was an isolated incident, The Daily Background discovered a second Belkin employee making false Belkin product reviews.
  • Click on the above image to see the screenshot of the advertisement.
  • Do companies really think that false reviews are able to turn the situation around for bad products? This is certainly not a long term solution for any business.
  • If consumers hate your products, just face it and move on. The social media audience isn’t really very forgiving when it comes to dishonesty.

One comment

  1. Hi Jatin, This is an interesting case. But I am not able to get the impact of that on company. belkin is still rated very high on amazon? Has it impacted them in any way.

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