Group3:E.g. 2: Use demographics of tweet to guide traffic onto website-ESRI

  • About company: – ESRI Inc. is the world leader in GIS Mapping and Solutions and produces and markets the most-widely used and globally famous ArcGIS suite of software.
  • Brands twitter page:!/Esri

  • The geographic information system developed API to incorporate Tweets with the geographical location This application, developed by the Application’s Prototype Lab, uses Twitter’s search API and ESRI’s Silverlight API to request and display geo-referenced tweets. The application is accessible from the following link. Below screen shot showing tweets around Bangalore,India

  • How it can be\is used: Tweets with the geographical location during the devastating 9.0 magnitude earthquake in Japan, 2011. This kept people informed about the climatic condition and earth quake feeds along with the Tweets of people who are affected and where they are situated currently.
  • The above event got more than 500,000 page views on through the application and was covered in all the leading news networks across the globe. The customers associated with services provided by Esri have also started implementing the same technology. For instance, Esri’s Spain 2011 map got a peak of 4 Million hits per hour.

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