Generating Refferal Traffic using Pinterest : Scholastic

When you think of a book publisher on Pinterest, you’d probably expect to see a lot of pinboards that include images of book covers published by that publisher. You’ll find that kind of content on Scholastic pinboards — as well as a lot more. Sure there are pinboards for the Scholastic offices and pinboards for Scholastic Book Clubs. There is a pinboard dedicated to Harry Potter and one for The Hunger Games. But that’s not all.. It has 18 boards and 1389 pins with 64 likes with a huge no. of followers (i.e 4077) compare to the no. of followings (i.e 1466).

Where Scholastic stands out as a brand using Pinterest brilliantly is through its indirect marketing efforts. For example, Scholastic has these creative pinboards waiting for you to browse:

  • Bling for Bookworms
  • Teacher Appreciation
  • Classroom Ideas
  • Libraries We Love
  • Vintage Scholastic
  • Decorating with Books
  • Beautiful Bookshops
  • Libraries We Love
  • Wise Words
  • Planning a Bookish Bash

These are entertaining and interesting pinboards that appeal to wide audiences. There is even a pinboard called “Scholastic Characters in Action” that features pictures of children and people of all ages dressed as characters from Scholastic books (the pumpkin dressed as Captain Underpants is particularly amusing). Scholastic proves that a brand’s Pinterest presence doesn’t have to be boring.

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