Using Pinterest for generating refferal traffic :Birchbox


Birchbox is a beauty subscription service brand that pins and repins a variety of beauty-related content on Pinterest. Birchbox pinboards offer seasonal content and content by product-type, as you’d expect from a beauty brand. It’s a great mix of audience segmented content, cross-promotion, and direct and indirect marketing. Where Birchbox stands out as a brand using Pinterest brilliantly is its more creative pinboards.

For example, Birchbox has pinboards where “unboxing” videos are shared and tips and tricks from BirchboxTV are included. It’s a great example of how to cross-promote content to give a wider audience exposure to a brand. Birchbox also has pinboards that show images of the boxes sent to customers giving sneak peaks of the products included in each box.

It has 45 boards and 3746 pins with 92 likes with a huge no. of followers (i.e 19909) compare to the no. of followings (i.e 179).

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