Group 3:E.g. 1: Shopper-stop engaging customer via twitter:ShivamChoubey

  • Retail brand that thrives on its tagline ‘Start Something New’ announced on June 12th the #sstweetstore contest on Twitter, which caused a traffic jam on its specially created micro site.
  • Contest was to tweet with #sstweetstore and every 800th tweet wins the displayed prize – e.g. Flying machine headphones, gift voucher worth Rs.1000 for the 1000th tweeter.
  • There was a application pulling out the tweets with #sstweetstore from Twitter and posting onto microsite. It working in real time. And when the winner for the headphones was already announced with the counter getting initialized from 300 again.

  • Winners are being announced on the shopper stop’s Twitter page. Also there was a ‘Winners’ tab on the microsite itself. Within 5 hours and the brand has managed to generate 7154 tweets.


  • It wasn’t been designed to target any of the influencers but brings out a totally random selection of tweeters. This could go down well as well as keep the engagement levels up.

Following was nature of few irrelevant tweet:

Page from microsite.


One comment

  1. Good research Shivam..would you do this for your own businjess? I will find it hard to manage contests etc

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